Digital Services Unlocked in Zambia 2021

Managing transactions from a fragmented landscape of financial institutions can be a headache. We create bespoke interoperability solutions so your business can better focus on what really matters.

Why Digital PayGo?

We are a shared digital platform - a marketplace that facilitates interoperability and shared services.

We unlock interoperability

We live in a world where digital financial services are increasingly fragmented and confined to their own silo. Their individual usefulness to many companies is limited by this lack of interoperability. That's where we come into play.

Bespoke Interoperability Solutions

We specialize in custom solutions to link to your business the complex ecosystem of digital and financial services in Zambia.

Shared Digital Marketplace

We are building a marketplace for shared digital solutions such as software/infrastructure as a service to lower entry barriers for Zambian businesses into utilize fintech.

A Simple Example

Need a concrete example? We integrate QR code payment systems: Allowing your customers to pay is as easy as getting them to scan a QR code. It's fast, instant and easy.

Fiscally Sensible

By leaving the complex integration work to us, you can save millions of kwacha in custom development and compliance costs.

Don't Start from Scratch

We take away the complexity and high cost of developing your own software systems to interface with digital services in a secure and compliant fashion.

Easy Regulatory Compliance

The complex regulatory integration requirements that plague much of digital and financial innovation in Zambia are handled by us, so you can focus on growing your business.

Low Cost Routing Services

We are building a low cost routing service that is completely interoperable with financial institutions, MNOs and other digital financial services.

Who Needs Digital PayGo?

Digital PayGo was born out of a need to find a cost-effective way to drive digital transformation whilst maintaining the compliance and security standards of the financial industry.

Financial Institutions

Expansion of distribution channels and access to a larger customer base for transactions and revenue growth.

Merchants and Agents

Products and services can be accessed by a larger customer base thereby increasing revenues.

Financial Services Providers

Establish B2B partnerships for solutions centered around interoperability and feasibility of real time transactions.


Enjoy more convenience, cost effectiveness, security, simplicity and accessibility in your daily transactions.

Case Study

QR-Codes for

We integrated a new payment system for Zambia's largest bank, thereby expanding both Zanaco's customer base as well as revenues for participating merchants.

Branded and Visible

Our attractive branding and team of sales agents does the hard work of adoption and public awareness for the client.

Powerful and Agile

Our solution is very low cost and efficient to distribute to merchants, being based around a simple sticker.

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